About Us

Creative Marketing

As part of the creative development process, at DiamondRo Media (DRM), we will assist your company in developing a comprehensive, marketing plan that incorporates the creative design process and the marketing components that are required to support the marketing plan and overall strategy.

We offer complimentary consulting to all prospective clients.

DiamondRo Media Creative Services:

  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Planning
  • Website Design
  • Public Relations
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • SEO & SMM
  • Print Services
  • Presentation Tools
  • Event Planning

Our Focus

DRM was formed, due in part, to a collaborative passion to venture towards a higher level of creativity in advertising design and digital marketing strategies for our existing client base, and prospective clients that were ready to take the next step in building brand recognition and an overall marketing strategy utilizing technology-driven methods.

In today’s market, it is tough to stand out against the competition, but we are here to help our clients do exactly that. We take pride in our work, we value our clients and our ability to deliver quality professional services, along side added related services.

At DRM we want nothing less then to see our clients succeed. We execute and deliver compelling concepts that play a crucial role in brand longevity.

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Our Quest

DRM is to broaden our scope of services to include mass media marketing services, such as new media advertising for internet marketing as well as, commercial film and video production. 

With a combined 35 plus years experience in the creative services industry, the Partners at DRM have much to offer in the area of creative brand development, advertising design, and marketing planning. Our objective is to enable brands to realize their true potential, and to maintain the highest level of creative industry services that can propose and deliver a 360 degree approach that gets results. Meet your team.

According to founding partner, Stacy George, “One of my biggest pet peeves when I see mass potential in a brand or a services related product being mislead or missing their mark entirely. At DiamondRo Media, we focus on a big picture strategy, and we will not allow any deviation, granted that the formula has been well-conceived. We can validate many risk-factors moving forward with measurable, big data analysis that help us to avoid missing the mark, so-to-speak! We put our heart and soul into every project.”

We are interested in working with clients who are seeking to optimize their brands potential and are willing to partner with a creative marketing team to initiate the process necessary to advance a brand within the marketplace. We have the expertise and the experience.

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The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.

Peter Drucker