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Summerville™ Furnishings, Inc.

Developing a strategy to ensure the proper care and delivery of the brand.

Based in Ontario, California, Summerville Outdoor Furnishings, Inc. represents outdoor living in every aspect.

Dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle – from furnishings to outdoor grilling – it was important to Summerville executives to chose the right marketing team to reinvent what was once the “Hero™” brand. Hero Outdoor Furniture, Inc., hired  DiamondRo Media (DRM) to ensure that their outdoor living leisure lifestyle was conveyed at every level in order to perpetuate dealer interest. 
DRM took the Hero to Summerville™ in no time; realigning the companies brand and market position to resonate with targeted outdoor lifestyle major distributors and dealers nationwide. The re-branding strategy included conceptualizing and developing a new product name that would appeal indirectly to the demands of the Western Continental USA consumer market in outdoor leisure living – a demand for indoor comfort and design appeal for outdoors. A trend that dealers/buyers in this fast moving market had to full-fill to remain at the top of their industry. Summerville Outdoor Furnishings provided that and more.

Today Summerville™ is one of the largest suppliers of outdoor furnishings, grills and accessories distributed throughout the United States and beyond.

DiamondRo Media provided:

  • Re-Branding Strategy
  • Product Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Identity

Today, Summerville™ Furnishings is one of the industries fastest growing outdoor living brands – a force to be reckoned with. 

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