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DiamondRo Media (DRM) takes pride in establishing long-lasting, rewarding, and mutually beneficial relationships that we call Partnerships! Not only with our clients, but with select industry experts as well. DRM takes great care in that we pair ourselves with compatible, like-minded designers, marketing enthusiast, and businesses that embrace creativity, the Internet and technologically-driven platforms and/or processes that perpetuate growth for the overall benefit of the client as well as personal growth! “We believe that if the client is successful, so shall we be.”

At DiamondRo Media our philosophy is that “great minds thrive on challenge, change and diversity, and we don’t hold them back.”

Stacy George Partner at DiamondRo Media Group
Dean George Partner at DiamondRo Media Group
Megan Woodard, Social Media Marketing Expert







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Stacy  |  Creative Marketing & Brand Management

Stacy’s primary responsibility is to lead our client’s branding and marketing initiatives.

As a creative marketing professional and central communications partner for our clients, Stacy has the necessary experience to develop and effectively communicate the brand vision, so that all facets of the process work in unison to raise brand relevance and market perception, perpetuating new and extended opportunities for brand engagement.

At DRM, we believe a 360 degree approach encompasses facilitating external and internal quality insight and foresight resources for our clients to establish an over-arching national and/or international marketing strategy. Stacy ensures that a strategic direction and professional standards are developed, disseminated and promoted across all parts, ensuring continuous improvement in momentum is achieved.

With 15 plus years as a creative industry professional, her expertise spans from brand development to brand management, marketing, leadership and corporate communications. Stacy is a creative thinker with the ability to drive change and innovation.

Dean  |  Account Executive

The best way to describe Dean is “passionate!”

As a dedicated partner and our number one Account Executive, Dean weaves his way through the entire process with every client; providing invaluable administrative and project support daily, while keeping his keen sense of marketing in overdrive!

Dean’s impressive background and skill-set matches his likability, and high-energy personality. Dean has been at the helm assisting many start-ups in launching successful campaigns. Dean’s strengths are in establishing and facilitating long-term relationships. He is our very own version of Everyone Loves Raymond. If you haven’t meet Dean, get ready, cause your gonna love him!

Dean is a 16-year veteran creative agency Account Executive; he started his career working with one of Southern California’s premire design agencies. Dean’s industry experience goes beyond helping launch businesses, yet was very successful as a singer-songwriter and musician. Dean moved from the East Coast shortly after attending Berkeley College of Music, as an aspiring musician. After a few years, Dean became a Los Angeles based highly respected, rock- blues guitarist – branding his guitar persona and his band, which lead to a massive local following. Dean was Southern California’s favorite rock-blues guitarist, lead singer and songwriter. He was closely followed and observed by Los Angeles top A&R reps when eventually he was picked up by and Independent Record Label. Dean still enjoys recording and producing music, and he still maintains his music industry endorsements.

Dean brings his passionate disposition to every client every day, much in the same way that he brings his passion to his music!

Contact Dean today, he is sure to compound your enthusiasm for your brand, and bring to the table a realistic strategy to honing and achieving your marketing goals and objectives.

Cheri |  Photographer

Cheri is a world-class studio and on-location photographer. Specializing in corporate advertising and entertainment photography for brand development.

Jason |  SMM & SEO Expert

Jason is a champion of social media tools and technologies, with a track record of creating and implementing successful social media programs, while keeping up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies in online social networking, and working closely with clients to create innovative, effective campaigns.

At DRM, Jason is responsible for developing and delivering lead generation campaigns through social media marketing initiatives, developing targeted digital content marketing strategies. Jason is a result-driven SMM expert with a proven track record. Every client can rely on scheduled analytical reports with measured results, increased results, and a higher ROI.

Skills Includes:

  • Project Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Brand Management
  • Online Content Development & Campaigns
  • Analytics & Reports